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Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform (LDER) is the Liberal Democrats' campaign hub for achieving a fair voting system which delivers -

- maximum, equal power to all voters; and

- parliaments and councils which proportionately reflect the way people voted.

We need to replace the destructive 'first past the post' system with one which delivers fair, equal votes for all UK public elections, starting with General Elections.

We work to:

- Motivate members and supporters to campaign actively for reform

- Ensure voting reform is a top policy priority for the Liberal Democrats

-  Inform and update party members on the arguments for and progress towards reform

- Cooperate with others outside the party to build the campaign necessary to achieve reform (non-party members are invited to sign up to receive our newsletters)

- Support other political and constitutional reforms needed for the UK to have a democracy fit for the 21st century.


LDER is an affiliated organisation of the Liberal Democrats.

While you need to be a member of the Liberal Democrats to join LDER, we proactively work across reform organisations and other parties to achieve reform; so non-LD members are most welcome to sign up for our updates, including our regular newsletters.


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