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Electoral reform at our Autumn Conference – Exhibition, Fringe meeting, What else is happening…

Our aim in Bournemouth is  -  keep fair, equal votes high on the party’s General Election agenda.

As ever, we know electoral reform is ‘not the top campaign doorstep issue’; but we also know most voters are dissatisfied with our broken politics and that we are the only major party proposing to fix it.

Remember: this is our first Autumn Conference for four years - and very possibly the last one before the next election.

You can still register to attend in person; and you can also sign up for auditorium debates digitally. Go to -

Here’s what’s happening -

LDER fringe:

Sunday September 24th Sunday - 6.15pm-7.15pm in the Meyrick Suite in the main Conference Centre - sees us collaborate with our reform allies to put voting system change in the context of the overall political reforms needed to fix our politics and renew our democracy. Christine Jardine MP leads for the Liberal Democrats.

Other speakers: Jess Sargeant, Inst for Government; Neal Lawson, Compass; Klina Jordan, Make Votes Matter; Ian Simpson, Electoral Reform Society. Tom Brake, Unlock Democracy, chairs the meeting.



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Conference of course lasts for four days and we have limited numbers on our exec team - so if you can spare an hour or two to chat to people and take names of new joiners and supporters, please fill in the form below. By September 22 please. Many

Elsewhere at Conference - Key  events for reformers

Saturday Sept 23

10.10-10.40 (main auditorium) General Election briefing

Sunday Sept 24

3.10-4.25 pm (main auditorium) For a Fair Deal - pre-manifesto debate and motion

Monday Sept 25

14.10- 14.40 (main auditorium) Motion - scrap Voter ID

16.10- 16.25 (main auditorium) Keynote speech - Wendy Chamberlain MP, LDER President

Tuesday Sept 26

10.20- 11.20 (BIC Tregonwell) General Election manifesto - consultation

14.30-15.30 (main auditorium) Leader’s speech - Ed Davey MP

Fringe meetings

As well as our own on Sunday 18.15, here are some other fringe meetings you might want to go to

Sunday Sept 24

13.00-14.00 (BIC Westbourne Suite) - Electoral Reform Society - PR lessons from around the world.


13.00 (Hilton Hotel, Rule-Balance room) Compass - How to Win As One

Monday Sept 25

18.15 (BIC, Meyrick) IPPR - Policies to break the blue wall (with Ed Davey - (also note recent IPPR report identifying support for electoral reform in key marginal constituencies)




Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform (LDER) is the home for Liberal Democrats who want a truly democratic voting system which delivers maximum, equal power to the voter; and representative bodies which proportionately reflect the way people voted.

LDER is an affiliated organisation of the Liberal Democrats.

We work to:

  • Inform all party members about the arguments for electoral reform
  • Motivate members to campaign actively for reform
  • Ensure electoral reform is a policy priority for the party
  • Cooperate with others outside the party to build the campaign necessary to achieve reform (non-party members are invited to sign up to receive our newsletters)
  • Support other political and constitutional reforms needed for the UK to have a democracy fit for the 21st century
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