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LDER aggressively campaigns for reform.

In recent times, we supported our MPs and peers in opposing the appalling Tory Elections Act 2023. We liaised with parliamentarians and with non-party activist groups to lobby likely supporters of our cause. In the Lords, Liberal Democrat peers were able to lead amendments to the tehn bill - all, tragically overturned when the bill returned to the Commons, but we all made the case - and made it easier for an incoming government to abolish this pernicious undemocrstic move by the Tories.

We also work closely with reform allies - most recently in  May 2023 with the Makes Votes Matter-led 'Sort the System' lobby day in Westminster. We were delighted to have the support of the Young Liberals in maximising party members awareness and support for the day.


LDER has also collaborated with ALDC to produce local party campaigning materials. You can find it here - do use it and let us know feedback and comments.

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